Genie AWP 36-S

Genie AWP 36-S Overview

With their lightweight maneuverability and durable design, the Genie® AWP®-36S Super Series aerial work platforms (simply the genie awp 36s model) is a versatile option for a wide variety of rental, light-duty construction and maintenance applications. Find more information from the experts at Powered Access Solutions on 01793279868.

genie awp 36s scissor lift equipment
Genie AWP 36-S

Genie AWP 36-S Tech Specification

Working (H) 13.1m
Platform (H) 11.1m
Height - stowed 2.78m
Lift capacity 159kg
Platform Dimensions .69/.66/1.14 m
Weight 472kg
Power Source 12V DC 110/50-60 Hz or 220/50-60 Hz AC
Manufacturer Make & Model Genie AWP 36-S
Genie AWP 36-S


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