Scissor Lifts Are The Safe Choice

It is no secret that working at heights can present a number of challenges. How can a job be completed without compromising the safety of workers? What if ladders are unable to reach the location in question. Is stability a concern? Each of these very real issues can be addressed with the use of a modern scissor lift. The safe use of scissor lifts will ensure that no additional risks are present and as a result, projects can be completed within shorter periods of time. Let's take a quick look at how a scissor lift is designed before moving on to examine some of their most important advantages when working at heights.

The Basic Physics Behind a Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are constructed in such a way as to offer workers a stable and adjustable platform when performing tasks at height. They are comprised of a heavy wheel base (for a lower centre of gravity), an accordion-like lifting mechanism and a large horizontal working area. Not only does this provide a greater freedom of motion, but the risks of an accidental fall are much less when compared to traditional ladders. Scissor lifts can also allow the user to "drive" from location to location without being forced to ascend and descend. This saves time and once again, the chances of injuries are reduced.

Scissor Lift Safety: The Undeniable Role of Stability

Most scissor lift safety tips stress the importance of maintaining a stable platform. This is normally not a problem thanks to the configuration of the machine itself. A lower centre of gravity and a wide heel base help to minimise the effects of swinging or slipping; very real concerns for those who are accustomed to working off of a ladder. In terms of stability, scissor lifts are at the top of their game.

All About the Construction

Scissor lifts are built for the modern industrial environment. Not only have they been constructed from high-quality materials, but they can operate during inclement conditions (such as low-visibility situations or when it happens to be raining heavily). In most cases, ladders would simply be out of the equation. This durable construction also helps to ensure that maintenance concerns are kept to a minimum.

Accurate User Controls

One of the problems when working on a ladder is that this task is normally a one-man job. While another worker may be footing its base, he has little options if the individual above runs into trouble. One of the most beneficial scissor lift safety features involves the fact that there is normally a separate set of user controls on the base of the unit. This provides an additional level of protection if unexpected circumstances arise at heights . The same holds true in regards to emergency stop mechanisms and the ability to firmly lock the wheels into place during a task.

Additional Space to Work

The safe use of scissor lifts also involves the ability of the worker to remain comfortable. When using a ladder, individuals might occasionally be forced to reach to dangerous lengths. This could cause a serious fall. Scissor lifts are equipped with a wide platform, so such situations can be avoided entirely. Another benefit involves the fact that the unit will not need to be moved from position to position as often. This helps employees to complete projects in a timely fashion without sacrificing safety.

The Use of a Caged Platform

Cages around a scissor lift provide another very important function. They offer workers an additional level of stability as well as something to grasp if they begin to lose their balance. It should also be mentioned that cages and rails can be used as attachment points for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as harnesses. Even if the individual somehow happens to fall, the chances of suffering an injury are dramatically reduced.

Working with Powered Access Solutions

While it is always important to embrace the appropriate scissor lift safety tips, it is still a good idea to quickly summarise the main benefits associated with these modern marvels. A handful of key advantages include:

  • Enhanced levels of stability.
  • Accurate and reliable user controls.
  • These lifts are able to be used during inclement conditions.
  • Increased redundancy.
  • The inclusion of rails and safety cages.

Powered Access Solutions are pleased to be able to provide a host of different scissor lift configurations based around your needs. We also work with trusted brand names such as Genie, Skyjack and Boss. You can therefore expect to enjoy nothing less than the most reliable solutions when working with our team. To learn more about your options or to receive an accurate quotation, please contact us today on 01793 95 33 55.