Site Manager Building Qualifications

A site manager is the person with the most responsibility on a building site. This is normally someone who can be replied upon 24/7 to make important decisions and be available if any problems occur. A manager on a small site will have sole responsibility for the whole project, where as a site manager on a larger site may have their job divided into more sections to share responsibility.

If you work hard you can work your way up to a site manager. This path isn’t easy and requires plenty of experience and dedication within the industry and you may be lucky to get here without any formal degree or qualifications.

If you prefer to start straight away your pathway will start you as a trainee construction manager. For this you normally will need an HNC/HND or a degree. The most recognisable degree is a BSc (Hons) Construction Management. To work above this you will need a CSCS management card.

Other qualifications necessary for this role at a minimum is SMSTS, a CSCS card holder and first aid trained.

Architect Qualifications

An Architect is typically someone who works in the construction industry designing everything from the building to the surrounding spaces. To be a qualified architect, you must complete an undergraduate BA degree in architecture and the course must be certified by RIBA.

Architects aren’t regular on sites as they can be mainly office based and might only need to visit a couple of times before, during and after a project.

Site Supervisors Role & Qualifications

A site supervisor is someone who works below the site manager and can assess and manage safety hazards on site. They will be in charge of site safety, site workers and communicating the site managers instructions across.

Qualifications required for this role include first aid trained, CSCS, SSSTS and relevant health and safety training. Having a degree in a similar field such as civil engineering can help you progress to a site supervisor faster.

Construction Workers & Related Qualifications

Different construction workers require different qualifications. All ground workers/labourers require at a minimum a green CSCS card. Skilled operatives such as carpenters, pipeworks and earth layers will need a relevant NVQ and a blue CSCS card.

Plant operators such as those who operate dumpers, rollers and telehandlers will need relevant licences, CSCS cards and plant qualifications. IPAF training provided by Powered Access Solutions promotes safe and effective use of all powered access equipment.

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Electrician Qualifications

An on-site electrician is someone who is responsible for installation, wiring and testing of a wide range of electrical equipment throughout developments.

If you are choosing an apprenticeship route you’ll need a level 3 diploma in electrical installations, or if you are choosing higher education you will need a industry recognised level 3 qualification. This is normally provided by City & Guilds, or a similar authority.

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