Static booms are some of the most useful pieces of machinery on any construction site and becoming a qualified operator will open up a world of professional possibilities. Furthermore, it is just as important that you possess the appropriate skill sets to ensure superior levels of safety and efficiency. This is why static boom lift training courses can prove to represent invaluable assets. How can you make the most out of what is offered and what can you expect during this targeted training session?

Preparing for Your Boom Lift Training Course

While you will need to bring an open mind to the table, never forget that you will also be required by law to be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. Examples can include full-body harnesses, lanyards of the appropriate length, hard hats, and similar accessories. Be sure to consult with a training representative or the firm providing the course to determine any additional PPE that will need to be present.

Possessing the Correct Attitude

Any static boom training course represents a two-way street. In other words, never be afraid to ask questions during these interactive sessions. The proctor will be more than happy to address any issues that you may have and this is arguably the best way to obtain an extra level of insight. You could also choose to write a handful of queries down so that you are prepared in advance

What Does the Boom Lift Safety Training Seminar Cover?

Of course, basic operational techniques and practices will be addressed. You will also be introduced to different types of static booms so that you are familiar with the unique mechanisms associated with each.

Safety is an essential topic, as serious injury or death can result from improper use of these units. Not only will this address the working limitations of the boom in question, but it involves pre-operational inspections and similar measures. These will ensure that the unit is not suffering from any faults which could place the health of the operator(s) in jeopardy.

Planning a route in advance as well as assessing the immediate environment are other variables which will be discussed in detail. You will be provided with insight into what types of surfaces are appropriate for a static boom, how to determine the proper pitch and the correct use of outriggers (if present). These skills will supply you with a strong operational foundation and they are able to save a great deal of time when on a job site.

As mentioned previously, the presence of PPE is another critical facet of this course. You are provided with instructions involving how to select and employ the appropriate fall arrest equipment as well as how to check to make certain that no physical faults are present before it is worn.

On-site accountability is likewise important, so logbook issues and the proper way to enter information for future review are discussed. This section is crucial for managers and foremen as well as the average operator.

After all of the previous variables have been addressed, you will be presented with an achievement test to ascertain your knowledge of basic theory. A practical examination will then occur. This will help to demonstrate that you have properly absorbed the previous information.

What Skills Will You Possess Upon Completion?

All trainees are expected to boast the following skills once the course has been completed:

    - An Awareness of all health and safety regulations in order to prevent accidents.

    - A proper understanding of the appropriate personal protection equipment.

    - How to safely and effectively maoeuvre a static boom lift.

    - The ability to carry out all boom-related tasks in an efficient manner.

Why is an IPAF-Sanctioned Course Important?

The International Powered Access Federation is a highly recognised safety body within the United Kingdom. Thus, the skills that you acquire during the course will be respected by all construction-related firms. The IPAF is also highly respected for its ability to provide the latest safety and operational recommendations; critical when operating MEWPs.

Hands-On Skills for a Bright Future

Being able to competently and safely manipulate a static boom lift is essential within many construction sectors. Attending this course will likewise provide you with the opportunity to take on new roles and responsibilities while on a job site. Perhaps most importantly, this sense of in-depth knowledge will help to ensure that your safety (as well as the safety of fellow coworkers) is never placed in jeopardy.

If you would like to learn more about this type of targeted training or should you have additional questions, please contact Powered Access Solutions to speak with a representative.

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