Choosing a Powered Access Equipment Hire Company

Do you require a boom, scissor or a spider boom lift in the near future? Are you hoping to tackle a complicated project within a timely fashion without sacrificing important issues such as safety and reliability? If so, little should be left to chance. It is very important that you know what to look out for when choosing a powered access equipment hire service. In the same respect, you should be able to identify traits to avoid at all costs. Let us examine some of the steps to take that will ensure you become partnered with a reputable firm.

The Presence of Brand Names

Birds of a (respected) feather flock together. Selecting the appropriate equipment hire firm should be taken very seriously. One of the first hallmarks of a transparent company is one which is capable of offering the most well-known brands on the market. A handful of examples include:

  • Skyjack
  • Haulotte Group
  • Snorkel
  • Holland Lift
  • Genie

The presence of these manufacturers will help to ensure that you are able to access reliable products when the time is right. It is always best to avoid providers that cannot offer such brand-name flexibility.

Customer Service: Help When the Time is Right

There is perhaps no better barometer of a powered access equipment hire firm than the levels of customer service that you are offered. After all, it makes little sense to rent a complicated piece of machinery only to be stymied by a simple question that could be answered in seconds by a qualified technician. You should always be provided with numerous means of contact if an issue happens to arise. All communication options must be clear from the start.

The Presence of Training Courses

Safety is paramount whenever operating powered access equipment. This is essential to avoid costly and potentially serious accidents. It is always wise to work with a firm that offers IPAF training courses alongside standard hire services. These instructional sessions are able to provide guidance in terms of operation, loading and unloading, the proper use of harnesses, and guidelines for managers. Not only is this type of hands-on education a wise option, but it is often required if you hope to adhere to the relevant governmental guidelines.

Geographic Coverage Levels

There can be times when you desire a service that is able to cover a wide number of regions. One common example involves a contract to maintain a number of franchised properties. Low-quality or otherwise "dodgy" firms are not likely capable of offering this type of flexibility. As a result, you might be obligated to deal with a number of providers; only adding to the logistical challenges that are involved. Always try to select a firm which focuses on more than one discrete location.

Why Choose Powered Access Solutions?

The professionals at Powered Access Solutions have taken all of these variables into account when providing second-to-none levels of reliability to a growing client base throughout the south of England. Furthermore, you can choose from dozens of different platform hire options. This will enable you to address small projects as well as extremely challenging tasks. Both short- and long-term hire contracts are available, so you will likewise receive targeted methods based around your discrete needs.

Have you been let down by low-quality powered access companies in the past? Are you satisfied with nothing less than the best in the business in terms of transparency and efficiency? If so, please contact Powered Access Solutions as soon as possible.