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Tracked Spider Lift Hire

Hinowa 20.10 Lithium Cell Power

The Lightlift 20.10 features Hinowa’s Performance IIIS system, which reduces travel and set-up time, for increased productivity. One touch of a button takes care of outrigger deployment and levelling, as well as retraction once the job is done. Other efficiency-boosting features include auto-speed control which factors in ground conditions; and wireless remote control. With a minimum travel width of less than 0.8m and stowed height of less than 2m, this compact lift can pass through narrow door and gateways. The Lightlift 20.10 provides a working height of up to 20.1m and a maximum horizontal outreach of 9.7m, with a safe working load of 230kg.

Hinowa 20.10 Lithium Cell Power

Work Envelope

Hinowa 20.10 Lithium Cell Power

Technical Specification

Working (H) 20.1m
Platform (H) 18.15m
Travel (H) 1.99m
Lift Capacity 230kg
Width 0.79m
Weight 2800kg
Power Source Diesel, Lithium Battery
Horizontal outreach: 9.70
Manufacturer Make & Model Hinowa 20.10
Hinowa 20.10 Lithium Cell Power


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